Spotty spot spot

Another top for selfish sewing week.


The pattern is New Look 6145, (I have made it as a dress which I haven’t blogged about but can be seen here) and love it so much i had to make it again. The shape of the diagonal dart (is that the correct term?) is very flattering and makes for a simple shape and as easy make.  The fabric is a spotty chambray that I bought at John Lewis a while ago, it is super soft and seems to be getting softer with washing, always nice when fabric does this, don’t you agree? I think I always secretly hope all fabric will do this.

The original pattern has a zip in the back and I totally forgot to take out the allowance for this when I cut the back piece on the fold (duh!!) so had to add a faux seam to take out the allowance. The only other alteration I made (apart from lopping of the bottom) was to lower the back neckline by 5cm, as it rode to high on my neck (a common problem).

For more inspiration on this pattern look here and here






4 thoughts on “Spotty spot spot

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  3. Finalist i found the source!!! I saw the picture of your top on Pinterest w/o clear source, then w/ link to your blog but w/o the precise post, but linking picture to date brought me here… just to say I LOVE what you did with the pattern. I just bought 6145 and this picture made me change my mind and go for a top in stead of the dress. My first pattern alteration… yikes 😉 just wanted to say thanks, and: I love your style!

    • Yay, glad you finally found me!!
      Thank you for your kind words, 6145 is really a great a brilliant pattern that is so versatile,
      you definitely get you moneys worth
      Good luck with the project x

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