Another top that came out of the my Isle of wight trip. The fabric is a soft knit from Fabrics Galore, it was just one of those fabrics that you know you gotta have but have no idea what your gonna do with.

After some thought I had the idea that it would make a good Hemlock, but unfortunately I did not have the foresight to print the pattern before going away..duh!!

So with my friend Sheridan we self drafted a pattern based on a jumper she already had. It turned out pretty ok, which is saying something because everything else I have previously self drafted has turned out to be a disaster.. I am slowly learning to be a more precise person.


I love this print and the shape.


IMG_5545 IMG_5776

It is very comfy and the perfect jumper to throw on over leggings when you feel the need to be slouchy. The only difference I might make next time would be to widen the neckline.

I’ve photographed it  here over my new Jamie Jeans which I will blog about soon but am still getting to grips with photographing things..I feel like a complete amateur…oh yeah i am!!



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