A little bit of Gingham

When I saw this gingham I just had to have it, lucky for me it was in the sale (£4 a metre if i remember right…a steal) at Fabrics Galore. What garment it was destined to become wasn’t so clear, I have had this pattern for ages, it is from the 03/2012 edition of Burda Style Magazine (which is a good one by the way), and I think it was the gingham that swayed me, what I didn’t give enough thought too was the difference in drape between my material and the cotton batiste shown (and recommended). In normal Bedlam and Bird fashion I just steamed in, blind to reality and just focusing on how wonderful my new dress would be!!


Now the finished result is not too bad, you just have to not look too hard, cos believe me there are plenty of mistakes in there, it gaps a little under the arms, the side zip insertion isn’t perfect and my pattern matching is practically none exsistent. The sides just about match but the back is a nightmare, I don’t know what happened, I could of sworn I was being quite accurate when cutting out, but guess not. Luckily I can’t see this error when it’s on, so tend forget about it when I’m wearing it, and wearing it I have been doing, IMG_5593 IMG_5602


I know that everyone bemoans the instructions with the Burda Style magazine patterns, personally I like to do them once in while as a personal kind of challenge…me against the pattern….ha ha (you can put japanese patterns books in that category too).Luckily this dress is the feature pattern in the edition and so has detailed instructions, and detailed instruction you will need, as the twist in the front requires some suspension of belief whilst your brain gets to grips with the job at hand. Once your brain does comprehend it is actually pretty straightforward. The problem that I have (had) is that my fabric is just not as drapey, floaty as i would have liked to believed it was (even though i washed it twice…am I the only one who does this in the crazy thought that it will add more drape???). Even thought the twist behaved itself the skirt just doesn’t hang in the drapey floaty way that I suspect it is meant too. A lesson to be learn here my thinks, but will this be the last time I mismatch fabric/pattern…I think not. Oh well even though I know it is not my best make (by far) I just love the colour…it makes me happy….. and that counts right!!!!



2 thoughts on “A little bit of Gingham

  1. The dress is LOVELY! I’d never have known you had a drape problem had you not said so. Besides, while wearing the dress, you’ll be frolicking not standing still having your drape checked out! 🙂

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