Elisalex Liberty Love


Another beautiful pattern from those crafty girls over at By Hand London that has been made by hundreds of sewists the world over. The Elisalex dress was a joy to see, especially as I had this gorgeous Liberty fabric to work with. I cut a straight size 10 and didn’t make a muslin ( I am a impatient sod and when I have an idea of a garment, I wanna see it made..pronto) the bodice was a little big so had to take the side seams in 1″ at the waist and I really should have done a small busy adjustment because I also had to reduce the curve on the bust. My choice of lining could have been better as even though I under stitched the neckline it still won’t sit flat and you can see the white lining ( white lining!!! What was I thinking??)




I love the bodice (and will be making it again) and have actually worn it out a few times, but I am unsure about the tulip skirt, in theory I love the shape but in reality I am short and the volume does not do me any favours so am thinking I will adjust the volume, especially around the hips!
Deeply love the fabric though and for that reason she will get worn again (with adjustments), with a denim jacket and ankle boots maybe!!


Victoria Blazer V.1

So I have had this made for a few months now, and just haven’t found the time to post about it, in fact I have a whole backlog of posts. In fact I am still getting to grips with the balance of blog vs life, if only they could find a way that I could post telepathically, that would help enormously.

Well here she is I know that I am a little late to the party by I just love those girls over at By Hand London and the Victoria pattern is no different, classy and a fabulous addition to any wardrobe. I have made her up in a lovely Italian brocade (i think) anyhoo it is lovely and soft with good drape.

The photos are not doing the colour justice as it is more midnight blue in real life. I snagged it at Fabrics Galore last winter. Every couple of months they get a shipment of beautiful Italian fabrics, lots of designer end bolts, but they don’t always end up on the website so best to check with them as to when they’re getting shipment.



Yes I am holding down the ends of the lapels, as I didn’t properly press them before taking photos!!  I was pushed for time and the  so apologise for the quality of the photos, it has been while since I have posted and I’m determined to get more regular as the projects are piling up.




As for the pattern I cut a straight 10 and the fit is good, I usually like jackets to be more fitted around the waist but I actually like the looser shape of this pattern, next time might just take a little off the length as it sits in a weird place for me.




Overall a really lovely jacket that has already been put to good use, and lined in a gorgeous Neisha Crossland silk, that was a forgotten old purchase in my stash..result!!