Dinosaur trousers

theo and agathe pants

theo and agathe pants

These were made up for a dinosaur loving little boy. The pattern is Agathe and Theo pants from Filles à Maman and comes in a size range of 12mths to 14, which is fantastic. This pattern is a very simple make with stylish results, I cut these out and made them up in one evening, and that was with the added dinosaur spikes… an addition that did have me flummoxed for a minute or two (maths is not my strong point).

dinosaur trousers


The main fabric is a soft navy interlock jersey that was given to me my a very kind friend!, I used the same fabric for the waistband and cuffs and then some offcuts of jersey for the contrasting pocket and dino spikes. I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the construction of these but made even measurements on along folded piece of jersey and drew connecting triangles, I think i made them 6cm wide and 6cm high, and then sewed along the triangle lines, like a giant zigzag, once that is done you cut between the triangles and turn inside out..hey presto!!!….does that makes sense?

My son has already asked for a pair so I am planning to make some more  and will post some in process pictures that will hopefully make more sense.





dinosaur trousers



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