A little Coco

It was during this post by Sonja about coats, that I first discovered Schnittchen patterns and then fell for the lovely Coco jacket. I’ve been want to make a little crop jacket for awhile and thought that this would be a good start and the fact that it was a pdf sealed the deal (at €5.00 it would be rude not to, right?). I don’t know about you but I love the idea of pdf’s but recently the novelty of sticking all those pieces of paper together is wearing thin. I don’t think I will stop buying them as financially they make sense (most of the time) but guess I just need to alternate them with the joy of opening an old style tissue pattern.

Now this little lady has a lot of pages to piece together, 36 in all!!!, which was a bit of a faff but there is separate pattern pieces for the lining and facings, so kind of makes sense, once your all finished!

coco schnittchen jacket


She came together relatively easy, the instructions are good but some knowledge will help you along as there aren’t any drawing to assist you. The fabric is a lovely dense patterned cotton that I bought at Fabrics Galore (sadly its not for sale on the website, just in shop), I love the fabric pattern but in hindsight it is probably a tad to thick for this jacket, as I had a job to get the seam on the neckline to sit flat, a issue I have whenever I sew with thicker fabrics, so maybe the problem is with me and not the fabric!!

The one difficulty with this fabric was with pattern matching, some thing I usually avoid (as in, not buying fabric that will require any!!) but I took the challenge and think that I didn’t do half bad at matching the sleeves to the bodice….but..

coco schnittchen


…totally failed at matching the back seams…duh

coco schnittchen jacket


Luckily I can’t see it so it doesn’t bother me when I am wearing it (especially as I did that seam 3 times and then gave up). The whole jacket was a pretty quick make and I’m happy with the results, of course the weather turned just as she was finished but think that come spring she will get some wear.



Sewvember rocks

Who else is taking part in the fab Instagram happening that is #bpsewvember?



Created by Amanda over at Bimble and Pimble, it is a daily sewing photo challenge,and I’ve taken part each day (you can see here) and it has been fantastic to see behind the scenes and into the lives of other sewers, making me feel like not such a sewing nerd after all, knowing that there is a  whole band of (mostly) women out there feeling the same as me about fabric, finishes, and numerous WIP!! I grant that I have felt that by reading many fabulous blog post from many fabulous bloggers but this is a bit different, as you get to see the guts of sewing spaces, finishes, tools, style and it feels more spontaneous I guess.

I am new to this whole blogging thang and abit nervous about reaching out to fellow sewers but this had been a great ice-breaker. It is half way through now, but still go and check it out if you even remotely feel that you may have a smidge of sewing nerd in you.

A quick duo

During a recent rare ‘just gonna sewing’ day I had a craving for a quick make that would  satisfy and deliver, so reached for the simple and chic Simplicity 1366. I had been tempted by seeing this pattern popping up on sewing blogs, like here, here and here…pretty inspiring no??!! So took the leap.

simplicity 1366

(Arrggh..excuse my hands, which look freakishly huge..they’re not, must be the camera angle right??)

simplicity 1366


There thats better!!

simplicity 1366

This fabric is a £1 ebay purchase that I have been reliably informed is peachskin, something I have not worked with before, but love, its definitely polyester, but feels lovely and has great drape, but can be as slippery as rayon or silk so beware. It was originally destined to be a shirt but I didn’t quite have enough, so a 1366 it is.

The pattern has only 4 pieces so comes together fast and easy, the only issue I had with it was with the bias binding for the neckline, on the navy one I followed the instructions which has you fold the binding length says and attach to the neckline on the right side and then understitich, this leaves the bias binding standing up slightly, which looked rotten on me so I turned it inwards and re stitched again so it became a quasi facing. This may have been a problem that I created, as I had shortened the top part of the bodice as an petite fit experiment to reducing the amount of excess fabric that I usually have either at the shoulder or at the neckline, but I can’t see how.

Turning the binding inwards worked with the navy broad anglais as the fabric is thicker but didn’t work so well with the peachskin, and I’m not completely happy with the finish (it doesn’t lie very flat) so will probably take it out and redo the neckline with  a proper facing, I know a lot of people don’t like facings but I love the finish they give.

simplicity 1366

(Sorry, I realise that this picture is a bit rubbish and out of focus!) you’ll have to trust me that the fabric is a lovely broad anglais that was gifted to me by a lovely friend, and it’s slightly more purply than the photo shows.

The result is two fast makes that are totally wearable (not always a given!) and have already been in rotation.


Another New Look 6145

And we are back to my favourite pattern of the past few months New Look 6145, I think that this is my 4th version, , I love a hard working pattern that can be hacked in all different kind of ways and this is a goodun, I’ve used it to create a top here, a denim version here and a lovely white Linen version for summer (sorry not photographed). Now I’m am not very good at seeing past the (sometimes) rubbish cover photos on (especially Big 4) patterns to the true potential hidden with in, but luckily we now have the wonderful web to direct us to inspiring versions that sewers and bloggers have created.  I know I wouldn’t have given this pattern a second look if I hadn’t stubbled across Trine’s lovely modern versions here and here (already blogged on previous post I know, but good enough for a second view!)

New Look 6145

New Look 6145

The jerry is a lovely organic cotton interlock that I bought from Village Haberdashery, they still have it available here and I would really recommend it, it is beautifully soft, with a nice weight, I also bought some of the green stripe for a t-shirt for my son and can attest that it washes and wears very well.

New Look 6145

New Look 6145

I overlocked the whole dress (except for the darts) so it was a very quick make, I know that the common perception is that shift dresses aren’t for everyone, but this pattern has lovely french darts in the front and two darts in the back which I think make for a great shape and help me out as I think I have a bit of a swayback and so fabric tends to gather there.

I did my usual practice of taking a few inches off the hem and took the back neckline down by 4cm, this used to baffle me as to why I needed to do this but as I am learning more about fit I think it is because I need to make petite adjustments to patterns (I’m only 5’3) and my bust to shoulder length is quite short, I’ve only just figured this out so will be trying to put it into practice soon..fingers crossed.

Does anyone have any recommendations on petite alterations or a good book on fitting?

Thanks x