Happy 2015


New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

Happy New Year Everyone!!! I hope that 2015 brings you hope, joy and creativity xx

For me I am setting myself some New Years goals, I started this last year and it was something that I could work towards, a small list that I looked at from time to time, a few items that I wanted in my life to enrich it. This blog was one of those things and even though it is still a work in progress it is actually a reality…yay!!

So this year I want to do a list that is sewing related and I wanted to outline it here, so it is out there……no going back.

I have been loving Gillian’s hit and misses of 2015 that the sewing blogs have been doing and it has gotten me thinking about my sewing output and how I feel about the things I make. This year I decided to make myself a christmas dress, so chose a lovely french pattern and some great paul smith cotton, I was full of excitement and hope, (like I guess I am before every project)t, and it wasn’t until half way through the make that I realise that the dress was ….meh, boring, unexciting and dull!! Now I did finish it (did I mention that the pattern was in french, and complicated…I was not going to be beaten people) and I did actually wear it (pictures later) but it made me think about how I get caught up in the thrill of a new project, the fabric, the pattern, the possibilities and lose the ability to see the reality of whether or not it will flatter me…..so the goals are:

  • -No plain dark fabrics
  • -More use of print and colour
  • -More thought to fit and what suits me
  • -To stash bust as much as possible!!! (ha ha This might be tough) joining this should help

I think this list ties in with a general feeling that I want to define my style a bit more, I am 42 now and even though I really don’t feel it, I do want to feel that I have a style (some style!!) I care less now than I did before about what others think and I want some fun in my wardrobe. I love that sewing your own clothes gives you the power to do this but I get a little lost with all the possibilities. I want to sew everything and sometimes lose the finer details in my rush to just create something new. I also think that I stay safe as I don’t always know what I want or how something will turn out.. So I’m willing this year to venture out of my comfort zone and inject some colour and pattern to the stash!!

So here’s to 2015…….let the sewing adventures commence!!!!




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