Birthday Check Linen Dress

new look 6145

Ok so to be fair my birthday was like 8 weeks ago now but I so named the post as the fabric was very kindly gifted to me for my birthday by my lovely mother. She very handily lives close to Stone fabrics so I naturally  just have to pop in when I’m visiting her. It is a fabulous fabric store and if your ever in the neighbourhood go, but equally they have a great website, you will not be disappointed. This is a very soft italian Linen, soft to the touch and is getting softer with each wash. The colour is a lovely green with navy blue, the pictures here don’t actually do it justice and in real life it seem brighter.

New Look 6145


Once again I have used one of my favourite patterns New look 6145, cutting a straight size 10. I made this dress in a hurry (as in just about putting the finishing stitches in before running out of the door) and in my haste did not fit it properly, I usually take this pattern in a little at the waist as I am mindful that I have had two children but don’t in anyway want to rock the is she/isn’t she pregnant look!! The top tow pictures are of the original dress and the lower ones are with adjustments to the waist, might not be visible to you guys but makes a difference to me not having it  too baggy round the middle.

new look 6145


Love the feel of this fabric, but now remember why I hate linen, and its cos it creases like a b8, I am no domestic goddess and my iron comes out pretty much solely for the use of dressmaking so apologies for the state of this dress in the photos, I did actually iron it but by the time I got round to photographing it, it  looked like this……oh well, I still like it and I’m hoping it will see me through spring.

new look 6145

new look 6145




14 thoughts on “Birthday Check Linen Dress

  1. It’s lovely, and looks great on you with or without a belt. It reminds me a little of the Colette Laurel dress, and just goes to show that simple is best with a fabulous fabric.

  2. Thanks for the post, perfect timing, You’ve inspired me! We’re going out tonight, raving! Haha 😃. Love that pattern and have it made in an acid wash denim. Love the blue and green check what a great Combo, you look great as ever 💗

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