Hello Sydney

Here is the Sydney Jacket by Tessuti. One of those lovely patterns that come together like a dream.

tessuti sydney jacket

I knew I wanted to make this from the first time I saw it, I am not usually into waterfall fronts but this just seemed so practical and stylish. I bought that pattern in the summer but waited until the weather turned colder to actually put it together (beware the pdf has a lot of pages)

The wool is a beautiful italian that I found at Fabrics Galore (£18 per mtr if i remember rightly), I was sorely tempted to make this in a grey but seeing as I put a self imposed ban on buying grey fabric (see here) that wasn’t an option. So blue it is and I’m glad, it’s a really lovely quality and a great colour that seems to goes with anything. I love that it is so cosy and warm too.

tessuti sydney jacket

The pattern specifically calls for boiled wool (or something similar that won’t fray) and the delight of having just raw cut edges has not worn off yet. It is a really simple make as you only have the pockets and over lapped seams to sew. The pockets are cleverly done and it took me until I actually came to sew them to understand the process , but the steps  are very clearly explained and pictured, so they were a success first time.

tessuti sydney jacket

Inspired but the lovely Ute‘s version and I have copied her (because her version rocks) in extending the sleeves ( I think I added 4″, but might have been 5″!!) I felt that this was needed to just add some warmth to the arms, they are still only 3/4 length but figure I can wear a warmer jumper or jacket underneath if I need to. What I love about this style is that you can dress it up or down and it looks equally good, I’ve paired it with my dungarees (still wearing them tons) and trainers, and dress and heels, it works both ways.

Apologies for the lack of photos, this was my first time doing a photo shoot in public  (as not in own back yard or my friends) and I felt slightly foolish so I think I rushed it, but it was the first time I had used my remote shutter control and was impressed so hopefully I will get up the nerve to venture out with my camera again soon.

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12 thoughts on “Hello Sydney

  1. What a beautiful colour! And your boiled wool is so reasonably priced compared to ours in Australia. I just ordered from the UK and France and it was cheaper, even with postage.

    Wondered if you ended up shortening this? Am about to make one myself (red!) and am about your size. I think I’ll add a few inches to the sleeves as you have.

    Thanks for the inspiration – found your blog when looking at all the Sydneys!

    • Hi, thanks for the lovely comments, I really can’t remember if I shortened it but I don’t think so, the sleeves were the only adjustment. I love love love this coat, I’ve worn it loads since I made it, and it was perfect for spring (and the English summer) Chucking it on spruces up almost any outfit!! Good luck with yours

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