Imagine dress

imagine dress

This is the Imagine dress from Louis Antoinette patterns, the pattern is part of a competition they are  running which is open to all, it ends December 4th though so you’ve got to be quick it you wanna enter!!! but you get a free pattern of the dress to make up how you want….. that’s my kind of competition!!!! all details are website

So here is my version!!

The fabric is a lovely double crepe that I bought at Fabrics Galore, I have seen it sold elsewhere but I believe they have the best price.

I wanted something that had a good drape to it, which this does, but it didn’t like the iron so much so my pleats aren’t super defined (the fabric has a kind of spongy backing, sounds weird I know but does add to the great feel of the fabric)

imagine dress

I made a few adjustments such as pinching out the front pleat a little so there was less fabric and taking and 2′ off through the back (forgot to do the same to the back of the skirt though so there is a bit too much fabric there, but I can live with that). Helpfully the pattern instructions come in French and English and are really easy to follow (with illustrations too).

Over all I really like this pattern, there are some really interesting and clever details included in the design, there’s pockets (can’t go wrong), the shoulder piece comes together easily and I think the finished effect is very flattering and loving the details with the back insert, which if you check out other versions you will see opens up the a world of possibility….leaving it open, having a contrast fabric there or a sheer panel…check out instagram #hacklamode to see all the wonderful versions that are out there.

imagine dress


imagine dress

imagine dress

imagine dress

imagine dressimagine dress

I seem to have a love affair going on with french patterns at the moment, I ordered some in the Black Friday sales and don’t get me started on La Maison Victor, a lovely french/dutch/german pattern magazine of which I’ve managed to snag 2 copies so far, (a real achievement seeing as they don’t sell it in England),  so expect to see more french designs popping up here.


photos credits; lady sewful


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