Hi, I’m Sandesh, mother of 2, midwife and sewing addict. Welcome to my blog where I can share my makes, (fails!) and general sewing madness.

Alittle bit about me:

-I come from a long line of crafty women, my mother taught me to sew and both my grandmothers were crafty, sewing or knitting their own clothes (and mine) and so I guess it is in the genes. I have also inherited my grandmothers ability to hoard fabric!!!

-It wasn’t until my 30’s though that sewing became such a big thing in my life, my mum gave me a second hand machine and I was hooked.

-Even though I live in London town, I am a country girl at heart and one day I will find my way back there

-I love love love my job, supporting women and their families, but sewing is my counter balance…keeps me centred (i.e keeps me from going mad!!) and something I can do just for me. I sometimes sew for others, but they have to ask really really nicely

-My name really is Sandesh….long story, but hippy parents and an eclectic childhood were involved!

-My grammar is crap (I apologise now) and I love to use an exclamation mark!!..You’ve been warned!!

Thanks for dropping by.



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