Majestic by name, majestic by nature


Thought I’d dip my toe back into the blogosphere.

I never intended on taking break but you know how life gets…..busy, and before you know it months have passed and you haven’t written or photographed a thing, but luckily the thing that did remain constant was the sewing……in fact I have been quite productive so I have quite a few unblogged items to show you.aime comme marie majestic

First up is the lovely Majestic top from french pattern company Aime Comme Marie, I was drawn to this pattern by the interesting lines (especially around the shoulder) and the fab neckline. I don’t know if it is to do with getting older but I am finding V-necks are more flattering on me (maybe its been that way all my life and I’m just figuring it out!!) so seem to be seeking out patterns just based on their necklines.



If you haven’t come across Aime Comme Marie before I suggest you have a gander, they have a lovely selection of simple (but so stylish) patterns but also sell (very stylish) homewares and accessories.

As far as I know the patterns only come with french instructions but I didn’t find this an issue as the instruction booklet comes with quite comprehensive diagrams which help, a tiny amount of the information is in English, such as for seam allowances (included) and fabric requirements. They also very helpfully include the average height the pattern is based on (165cm) which is great for me to know as I’m only 160cm, and can make adjustments accordingly.


This pattern is very clever in the style department but is a relatively simple make, there are only 7 pattern pieces and it is one of those makes that comes together quickly,  offering maximum satisfaction and sewing pleasure.


Now one of the things that I loved about this pattern is the way the neck line rises at the back and looks so stunning, but some how I messed this aspect up in this version , I stupidly reduced the height of the back, mainly because it was gaping and annoying me, so I have lost the impact of that raised back, which you can see on my first version, a wearable muslin, which I’ve added at the end of this post.

The fabric is a Paul Smith Linen which I have had forever, in fact I made one of my first me made dresses from this fabric back in about 2007 (and still have the dress, even though it’s seen better days) I love the colour of this, and it’s reminded me of  how much I love green and how I need to buy more green fabric!!!

Oh and nearly forgot to mention that the jeans are my Ginger Jeans, a pattern that I really enjoyed making but haven’t got around to blogging either!!!

aime comme marie majestic


aime comme marie majestic

aime comme marie majestic

Thanks for dropping by





Nani Iro…I love you

Nani iro simplicity 1399 top

This is one of those makes which happened because the heavens aligned. Firstly my son was invited to a birthday party about 5 mins walk from the Village Haberdashery (we live about 30-40 mins away so hardly ever go to this part of town) so it was rude not to pop in whilst his nibs was distracted. Especially as I had £10 unused voucher burning a hole in my pocket.

I am one of those weird people (there is lots of us) that really have to touch fabric before I fall in love with it, so I rarely buy fabric online (a shame, but helps to keep my bank balance in check, this will probably change though as there are so many fab online shops popping up!!).

I have had my eye on Nani Iro fabrics for awhile, having heard all the lovely superlatives on blogs,  I wasn’t disappointed,  in really life it’s gorgeous. This is a lovely double gauze that is so beautifully soft!! It’s called Spectacle in Ka , inspired by a scene of natural life in daylight, I love the colours and it is absolutely delicious to wear.

You can see more here or for a massive collection you can go here.

Nani iro simplicity 1399 top

I initially wanted to make a New Look 6145 top as I did here, but horror of horrors didn’t have enough fabric ( I only bought a meter…it was £14 per mtr!!) and it’s only 42″ wide, so with a quick change of plans I made a Simplicity 1366 instead and only just about made it with what I had. In fact I was so short on fabric I had to add a seam in the back and included the selvedge…which I think turned out as a lovely addition

Nani iro simplicity 1399 top

This pattern is very simple, and it’s now my third time making it, other versions here.

Nani iro simplicity 1399 top

I ran it up just in time for my first sewing bloggers meet up (back in late August…… I know, I’m a bit behind) which was absolutely fab… it is totally true that sewists (sewers, seamstress …whatever each of us call ourselves) are the loveliest people, which was good because going to meet people that you have only ever met before online is a very weird feeling. Luckily I went with my good friend Lady Sewful….courage in numbers.

Oh and meet my silly dog…Cedric

Nani iro simplicity 1399 top

Dungarees baby!!

turia dungarees

Let me present the Turia dungarees, I had been mulling the decision to make these babies, for oh only about 4 months, but here they are and I am pleased as punch.  I have no idea why I felt that I had to have such an item in my wardrobe but I did and hey the benefits of a handmade wardrobe is that you can go with your wims without it breaking the bank!!

So my concerns were:

  1. I would look pregnant (I’m not!!)
  2. I’m too old for such a item!!!
  3. I might look like I’m borrowed from the dressing up box

But yeh (in my opinion) all my fears were unfounded, because I love the way they turned out.

Turai dungarees

This was the first time I have sewed a pauline Alice pattern and I can really recommend it. The instructions are clear and concise (and in 3 languages) with each stage carefully explained and with lots of drawings to help. I cut a straight 10 but have made a few adjustments. A big part of my inspiration to make this pattern was the dream pair made by fruits flowers and clouds, and I stole some of her adjustments, mainly lowering the waist as I wanted them to sit more towards my hips and adding a waistband (purely for aesthetic reasons!!). The pattern is cut to allow a more relaxed fit on the hips and legs but I wanted a slim fit and so basted the legs first to get fit I wanted. The only issue I had was some excess fabric in the crotch area, which as you can imagine didn’t look so great, so I redid the front flat felled seam (not a pleasurable experience) taking in an extra 1/2″ and that seems to have sorted it. The inside leg seam is also to be flat felled so I sewed the first seam and then  did my fitting, which played havoc with my seam allowances as the material frayed…arrgghh, I still managed to flat fell them but they have since started to come undone in places so a little strategic zigzagging was needed…hopefully their visible only to me!!

turai dungarees

There is a lot of top stitching in this pattern, (you could omit it, but it is recommended) which I perversely kind of enjoy, I think its the challenge of getting those lines straight that gets me.

Turai dungarees

I also omitted the side zips as the fabric is Gaberdine with a little bit of stretch to it so I can just about shimmy into them.

Overall I’m pleased as punch with these, the pattern was a delight and did i mention that I love wearing them…. I  don’t care how old I am (or how old I look!!)

Turia dungarees


Popover Cape


popver poncho cape

So this was one of those almost instant makes. I had eyed up the Popover Poncho by April Rhodes when it was first released but wasn’t sure that my wardrobe had a poncho shaped hole in it, so put it to the back of my mind. Now I know this sounds strange but it was another case of the fabric speaking to me, literally as soon as I clapped eyes on this wool mix I knew it had to be a poncho, and how can you say no to a pixelated wool blend!! So quicker than you could say gaucho I’d bought the fabric , purchased the pdf pattern on the way home (thank you smartphone!!) and printed it off as soon as I got home!!  Then after toiling till the small hours, it was almost complete (polished off the hand stitching the next morning).

popover poncho cape

The pattern comes together relatively easy with two style options (with front pocket or without) and the instructions are clear and precise, I cut a small and the fit over the shoulder is perfect, I did no alterations. There are 4 pieces to the cowl (2 front , 2 back pieces) and 2  for the main body so no complication there.  I did spend a little  time over pattern placement as I did not want the headlight boob look if you know what i mean!!!!!! I also cut two different front pockets as I couldn’t decide on the pattern placement (it was late!!)

popover poncho cape

Initially I thought I would pick out the cowl in a nice soft grey wool that I had but as luck would have it I couldn’t lay my hands to it (my fabric stash is a little out of control) and I now think that keeping it in the same fabric works well.  I handstitched in the lining of the cowl, which is actually the outer (and visible) part and  didn’t want a visible hem that might alter the hang, so faced the hem with biased binding, turned it in and hand stitched it in place, and  it seems to work very well.

All in all a lovely quick wearable make…very chuffed.

So if you fancy a quick and satisfying make to see you through the transition into spring look no further, I think it would be great in a soft wool or jersey maybe even without the cowl !!!

Dinosaur trousers

theo and agathe pants

theo and agathe pants

These were made up for a dinosaur loving little boy. The pattern is Agathe and Theo pants from Filles à Maman and comes in a size range of 12mths to 14, which is fantastic. This pattern is a very simple make with stylish results, I cut these out and made them up in one evening, and that was with the added dinosaur spikes… an addition that did have me flummoxed for a minute or two (maths is not my strong point).

dinosaur trousers


The main fabric is a soft navy interlock jersey that was given to me my a very kind friend!, I used the same fabric for the waistband and cuffs and then some offcuts of jersey for the contrasting pocket and dino spikes. I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the construction of these but made even measurements on along folded piece of jersey and drew connecting triangles, I think i made them 6cm wide and 6cm high, and then sewed along the triangle lines, like a giant zigzag, once that is done you cut between the triangles and turn inside out..hey presto!!!….does that makes sense?

My son has already asked for a pair so I am planning to make some more  and will post some in process pictures that will hopefully make more sense.





dinosaur trousers


Elisalex Liberty Love


Another beautiful pattern from those crafty girls over at By Hand London that has been made by hundreds of sewists the world over. The Elisalex dress was a joy to see, especially as I had this gorgeous Liberty fabric to work with. I cut a straight size 10 and didn’t make a muslin ( I am a impatient sod and when I have an idea of a garment, I wanna see it made..pronto) the bodice was a little big so had to take the side seams in 1″ at the waist and I really should have done a small busy adjustment because I also had to reduce the curve on the bust. My choice of lining could have been better as even though I under stitched the neckline it still won’t sit flat and you can see the white lining ( white lining!!! What was I thinking??)




I love the bodice (and will be making it again) and have actually worn it out a few times, but I am unsure about the tulip skirt, in theory I love the shape but in reality I am short and the volume does not do me any favours so am thinking I will adjust the volume, especially around the hips!
Deeply love the fabric though and for that reason she will get worn again (with adjustments), with a denim jacket and ankle boots maybe!!

Isle of Wight

So last weekend my BFF and I said goodbye to the kids and partners, packed the car, strapped in the sewing machines and caught the ferry for an indulgent weekend of pure craftiness. There would be sewing, sewing and more sewing, interrupted only for food and sleep. There was Eurovision too which we sewed and cheered through, accompanied by a beer or two!!



It was fantastic and I highly recommend it, my sewing is usually squashed in after bedtime, or on the rare occasion of a little ME time, so to be able to wake up in the morning and just go straight back to the machine was pure bliss, also i didnt have to put anything away or tidy up…extra yay (as usual sewing space is the dining table!!).

Any way thought you might like to see what I made, I actually finished 3 tops for me (haven’t photographed the other 2 yet), a 4th was not a success as I totally misjudged the fabric choice/pattern requirements (not enough drape..when will I learn), which was a little gutting as it was a beautiful summery Liberty print, fingers crossed it can be salvaged.

I also started a bomber jacket that I have been promising my teenage daughter, but didn’t finish it (still haven’t….bad mum), but this was mainly as my new machine (read second hand) started to make a bad bad noise and eating fabric, this might be from over work but i don’t think so, fingers crossed all it need is a nifty service.

I have been wanting to make this raglan top for ages and up until now have not found the courage to cut into the beautiful wool jersey that I bought it last year from Fabrics Galore, it’s Italian, super soft and really really lovely,. The pattern is from Sew u Home Stretch. The neckband is salvaged from an old beloved cardigan that I shrank, as is the little triangle.


I do love it, very comfortable and snuggly, also very warm which is a lesson in procrastination, as of course now the weather is warming up, so not sure when I will get the opportunity to wear it.


I also added a zip in the end of each arm sleeve, just for bit of detail, it was my first time doing this and they came out not brilliant but ok. I used this tutorial , which I thought I had followed to a T, but somehow didn’t, better luck next time.


IMG_5478 IMG_5472


Also just a quick picture of our sewing workstation!!! and one of my lovely friend Sheridan’s sewing machine, she has glued a magnet on the end of the machine so she can just chuck her pins to it as she takes them out…Brilliant (credit to Beverlee for the idea)