Majestic by name, majestic by nature


Thought I’d dip my toe back into the blogosphere.

I never intended on taking break but you know how life gets…..busy, and before you know it months have passed and you haven’t written or photographed a thing, but luckily the thing that did remain constant was the sewing……in fact I have been quite productive so I have quite a few unblogged items to show you.aime comme marie majestic

First up is the lovely Majestic top from french pattern company Aime Comme Marie, I was drawn to this pattern by the interesting lines (especially around the shoulder) and the fab neckline. I don’t know if it is to do with getting older but I am finding V-necks are more flattering on me (maybe its been that way all my life and I’m just figuring it out!!) so seem to be seeking out patterns just based on their necklines.



If you haven’t come across Aime Comme Marie before I suggest you have a gander, they have a lovely selection of simple (but so stylish) patterns but also sell (very stylish) homewares and accessories.

As far as I know the patterns only come with french instructions but I didn’t find this an issue as the instruction booklet comes with quite comprehensive diagrams which help, a tiny amount of the information is in English, such as for seam allowances (included) and fabric requirements. They also very helpfully include the average height the pattern is based on (165cm) which is great for me to know as I’m only 160cm, and can make adjustments accordingly.


This pattern is very clever in the style department but is a relatively simple make, there are only 7 pattern pieces and it is one of those makes that comes together quickly,  offering maximum satisfaction and sewing pleasure.


Now one of the things that I loved about this pattern is the way the neck line rises at the back and looks so stunning, but some how I messed this aspect up in this version , I stupidly reduced the height of the back, mainly because it was gaping and annoying me, so I have lost the impact of that raised back, which you can see on my first version, a wearable muslin, which I’ve added at the end of this post.

The fabric is a Paul Smith Linen which I have had forever, in fact I made one of my first me made dresses from this fabric back in about 2007 (and still have the dress, even though it’s seen better days) I love the colour of this, and it’s reminded me of  how much I love green and how I need to buy more green fabric!!!

Oh and nearly forgot to mention that the jeans are my Ginger Jeans, a pattern that I really enjoyed making but haven’t got around to blogging either!!!

aime comme marie majestic


aime comme marie majestic

aime comme marie majestic

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