Burda Coatigan

burda coatigan

Just thought I’d pop this one up before I totally succumb to the Xmas madness (as well as Xmas I have both my children’s birthday’s!!! and I’m cooking the dinner…. eek!!)

I actually made this a few weeks ago and as our winter here has been quite mild  it has been getting lots of wear. It’s a Burda #111 03/2014 (great issue but the way) and I guess you’d call it a coatigan, it fits very loosely (read baggy) but I kind of like it like that. It is super comfortable to wear and great to just chuck on over….well anything really….it’s a multi tasker!!!!

burda coatigan #111

The pattern includes a band around the bottom, but due to my limited stature it kind of swamped me so the band had to go. The fabric is a lovely boucle (from Fabrics galore) that handily come already backed with a kind of interfacing, so no nasty fraying once cut …yay!!

burda coatigan

I also chose not to line it (lazy I know) but it meant that it came together very quickly (after tracing that damn Burda pattern first of course), so if your in need of an everyday coatigan I highly recommend this pattern. Here is a little more inspiration from this stylish lady.

burda coat

burda coat

Hope you all have a lovely festive holiday xxx



Me Made May…….I made it!!!!

It’s over and I actually did it, I wore two handmade items (and some times more) for each day of May. I thought two would be a challenge (I did one item last year) and some days it was, some days I did cheat little by including my watson bra as one item (technically it is, but you know what I mean). The hardest thing was remembering to document every day and I did slack a little on that as you can see if you count all the photos (only 22…..opps), but….to be fair I did go camping in the middle and was trying to be phone free!!!

If you were participating in Me Me May ’15 how was for you? Did you complete your pledge? And if you were just observing did you get inspired? I personally loved checking  Instagram everyday to see what fab creations were popping up!!

me made may '15


Ist row, New look 6145 top and Named Jamie Jeans, Nettie bodysuit and Scout tee, Fehr trade surf to summit top and steeplechase leggings

2nd row, Style arc Carly jumpsuit and Sew U home stretch breton top, New Look 6145 knit dress and watson bra, Burda wool biker jacket, Simplicity 1366 top and Jamie jeans

Row 3, Burda trousers and Lisette top. Nettie bodysuit and new look 1696 trousers, grain line moss skirt mini and self drafted top

me made may '15

Row 4, BHL Victoria blazer with Jamie jeans and Sew u home stretch Breton top, Vogue 9175 culottes jumpsuit, Simplicity 1696 top with new look 6104 trousers

Row 5, Watson bra with dress, Jamie jeans with simplicity 1366, new look 6145 in chambray (and watson bra!),

Row 6, New look 6048 & Simplicity 2451 hack dress in Liberty print , Republique du chiffon robe eve with Nettie underneath. And a new Stylearc Carly jumpsuit in blue slinky microfibre!!

me made may '15

Row 7, style arc Carly jumpsuit, schnittchen coco jacket with Jamie jeans

Row 8, new look 6144 in linen, burda lounge pants and sew u home stretch raglan quilted sweatshirt!!


Ok so the conclusion is that I have pretty decent handmade wardrobe and most items are in quite heavy rotation, I probably need to try not wearing jeans so much in my life., and I seem to have a thing for yellow shoes!!

I’m missing some decent skirts and maybe a few more t-shirts would be good, but apart from those I’m quite happy, of course I have sewing plans…always have sewing plans, next up is  a few summer dresses and a pair of culottes !!!!

How about you what next on your sewing list??


The Coat of Love

Now this coat is not a new make but at the moment I am having technical difficulties with my camera and so haven’t been able to take any pictures of the last makes of 2014 (I know I’m always a few weeks behind!!)

burda coat 03/2012 #110

I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about it until now but seeing Jane‘s post about her coat plans spurred me to re-examine the photos (which i hated when i took them but don’t seem to bad now) and thought I’d let you see one of my favourite projects.

I love love love this coat………

burda coat 03/2012 #110

I have no idea what inspired me to tackle a coat project but I think it was the wool!!! (I found it first and it just insisted that it be a coat) It came from Fabrics Galore and says it is from YSL…don’t ya know!! every now and then they get a load of bolt end Italian designer fabrics, they are wonderful but you have to search them out…well worth a look (unfortunately they aren’t on the website though). The wool I chose is a blue and grey tweed and has little flecks of  blue, yellow and green through it..so lovely, tried to capture it here:

burda coat 03/2012 #110

The pattern is Burda 03/2012 #110 which I already had in my pattern magazine stash, I don’t subscribe but pick it up when I see a good issue (and this is a beaut of an issue!!) The pattern is a straight forward and simple pattern with darts, princess seams, 2 piece sleeves and inseam pockets.
Now because I tend to rush projects I decided that I really wanted to do this thing justice, as I wanted a  well fitting coat that would last. I did a muslin, which was a first for me but so useful, I needed to tweak the shoulders, take in the side seams and do a swayback adjustment, totally forgot to photograph this stage though. Here are a few integral pictures of the next stages

Getting started

Coat Burda 03/2012 #110


Because I wanted to do it ‘properly’ I research interfacings and landed on English couture‘s website (P.S they do amazing courses too, one day I will venture to Leicester to do one), and I was a little dazzled by the selection but after emailing them the very helpful Michelle pointed me towards a coat fusible interfacing for the body, a fine fusible for the sleeves and recommended armhole reinforcement tape for stability and strength, all three were absolutely perfect for the weight of wool I was using, and I’m so glad I took the time to get them, I believe it has made a difference to the end result and made me slow down and think about each stage!!

View of the insides, not pretty but you can see the fusible coat interfacing I used, the sleeve head (I built..!!) and the petersham on the shoulder seam.

Coat Burda 03/2012 #110

I also used a strip of petersham on the shoulder sleeve, I’m not very gentle with my clothes so again wanted durability here, I think I got this tip from Claire Shaeffer’s book Couture sewing techniques, I love this book but find it slightly intimidating, if only I was that technical …one day baby!!!

A closer view of the petersham and the grey you can see at the bottom of the picture is the armhole reinforcement tape I used when attaching the sleeve.

coat Burda


Here is the lining, a lovely lovely Liberty silk twill, which I used for the body and a regular orange polyester lining for the arms.



I hand stitched in the lining as I felt I had a bit more control this way to avoid any mis-shaping and it also looks lovely. For the fastenings I just added giant snaps (bought form ebay), I considered bound buttonholes but I thought the wool was too thick, that and I just chicken out and thought that if I attempted them I might fail or worse….I might have ruined the coat…next time I will be brave…definitely next time!!!

burda coat 03/2012 #110 liberty lining

burda 03/2012 #110

burda coat 03/2012 #110


I have worn this coat a ton and will continue to all winter, it’s warm and (I think) pretty stylish

Hope you like it too and thanks for stopping by x

A little bit of Gingham

When I saw this gingham I just had to have it, lucky for me it was in the sale (£4 a metre if i remember right…a steal) at Fabrics Galore. What garment it was destined to become wasn’t so clear, I have had this pattern for ages, it is from the 03/2012 edition of Burda Style Magazine (which is a good one by the way), and I think it was the gingham that swayed me, what I didn’t give enough thought too was the difference in drape between my material and the cotton batiste shown (and recommended). In normal Bedlam and Bird fashion I just steamed in, blind to reality and just focusing on how wonderful my new dress would be!!


Now the finished result is not too bad, you just have to not look too hard, cos believe me there are plenty of mistakes in there, it gaps a little under the arms, the side zip insertion isn’t perfect and my pattern matching is practically none exsistent. The sides just about match but the back is a nightmare, I don’t know what happened, I could of sworn I was being quite accurate when cutting out, but guess not. Luckily I can’t see this error when it’s on, so tend forget about it when I’m wearing it, and wearing it I have been doing, IMG_5593 IMG_5602


I know that everyone bemoans the instructions with the Burda Style magazine patterns, personally I like to do them once in while as a personal kind of challenge…me against the pattern….ha ha (you can put japanese patterns books in that category too).Luckily this dress is the feature pattern in the edition and so has detailed instructions, and detailed instruction you will need, as the twist in the front requires some suspension of belief whilst your brain gets to grips with the job at hand. Once your brain does comprehend it is actually pretty straightforward. The problem that I have (had) is that my fabric is just not as drapey, floaty as i would have liked to believed it was (even though i washed it twice…am I the only one who does this in the crazy thought that it will add more drape???). Even thought the twist behaved itself the skirt just doesn’t hang in the drapey floaty way that I suspect it is meant too. A lesson to be learn here my thinks, but will this be the last time I mismatch fabric/pattern…I think not. Oh well even though I know it is not my best make (by far) I just love the colour…it makes me happy….. and that counts right!!!!