Pineapples and city lights

Hello there, its been awhile since I blogged anything, life somehow got in the way, as it does…..since christmas I have started a new job, got a new house and…well that’s it……but these two things as well as you know, everything else, was enough for my brain to handle. I’ve still found time to sew, but it has been sporadic. Here are a few tops that I made (a while ago) and they have been in steady circulation since completion.

new look 6145 aims comme marie

Once again I’ve relied on the tried and tested New Look 6145, man will this pattern never get old? In fact I’m currently in the middle of a navy crepe dress version with gold accents on the shoulders!!!

Ok, back to these lovelies, the first is a straight up top version (of this dress pattern) in the very very lovely Aime Comme Marie fabric which is a lovely navy cotton with GOLD PINEAPPLES……say no more, loved it on sight and its even more gorgeous in real life, it came from Faberwood, run by the lovely Fiona, it has a well thought out small collection of the most lovely fabrics (unfortunately this fabric has now sold out, but you can find it here). Actually Aime Comme Marie as well as doing a yummy line in fabrics also do patterns (as well as other things) and as far as I know they only come in french, but I have order one (this one) and it was very simple to figure out and the there were helpful line drawings…..I’m really happy with the results and will show you soon.


new look 6145 top aims come marie

Next up is a slightly modified version, I decided to add a placket to the front, something I had never done before but I used the helpful tutorial from pauline alice here, (but did my own measurements) and I’m happy with the results, I did cheat a little though, I have a dodgy track record with button holes and didn’t want to potentially ruin my placket so I just sewed on the buttons, but it works for me!!!! And finally I finished the  with biased binding


The fabric is from Village Haberdashery, a soft Art Gallery voile, called city lights at night, but its sadly it’s no longer available.


In conclusion; great pattern x great fabric = win/win.. so..…might have to make some more!!!!


I am trying to eek out more sewing time and I have a very long list of potential sewing projects in my head so hope to be back here soon!!!



Vogue Culottes Part II

So here is my second version of Vogue 9075, this time in a lovely floral waffle cotton, (part I is here)  I made these for a christening (I was a godmother!!) and as per usual finished them the night before. Basically I’m saying I had all best intentions to be careful and thoughtful with all the small details, but ended up rushing as I ran out of time!!

I’m still totally stoked with the results though, I loved wearing it and felt very proud to say I made it.

vogue 9075


This time I omitted Vogue’s petite adjustments and applied my own between the bust and shoulder measurement….much better!! It also gave me that extra inch I needed in the crotch.

I love this fabric, it’s from Fabrics Galore and is a soft and light cotton, with a waffle texture (they still have some in store and in some other floral prints too).  I lined the bodice in a plain white cotton lawn and put in an invisible zip (on inspection its a normal zip as its all I had).  I cut a straight size 10 but on reflection I could take it in a bit at the waist, saying that though there was some room there for lunch, so maybe it’s ok after all.

I am not tall but left the length as per the pattern, it’s been awhile since I did the midi length but I’m a convert… it (think I need to keep the heels on though). 

vogue 9075


To finish off the hem I had grand plans to blind hem the legs but as I was rushed for time and there was a lot of fabric in those two legs I just did a regular hem, it does slightly bug me so I might re-do this in the future…. but that might also be a pipe dream!!!

vogue 9075

vogue 9075


Crazy lady shot!!!

vogue 9075

Thank for looking x

Vogue Culottes part I

So I went and made myself some culottes!! A style that I haven’t  rocked since ..…well never!! But they seem to be everywhere at the moment and so I felt that now was a good a time as any to venture in to unknown fashion territory, and I think that they turned out alright !! These are my working muslin pair, I’ll post my second pair in the next post. vogue 9075 The pattern is Vogue 9075, which I first glimpsed on Ada Spragg‘s insta feed (I think) and boy does that girl have style, so I though I might steal a little of it!!

I bought the pattern from Sew Direct, I don’t know if you know but they have a great membership deal where for £7.50 per quarter you get 50% off Vogue, Mccalls, Butterick and Kwik Sew patterns. You also get a monthly magazine with the latest pattern releases and usually some good sewing advice articles, you also get two free patterns when you join , which if they are Vogue tot up to the same price as the membership…… win in my book!!

Ok, back to the pattern, it has two variations, dress or culottes with a fitted bodice and the option of short sleeves or sleeveless. As you can see I went for the sleeves, as I thought they would balance out the culottes. They are are made in a navy cotton poplin, which I thought had enough crispness to do the style justice. This pattern also had the petite adjustments that Vogue do with some of their patterns and I was eager to try this out as it’s the one adjustment I usually have to make to patterns. Theirs consisted of shorting the bodice in the waist area, this did not work for me, (my normal adjustment is to shorten the length between the bust and shoulder), it left me with the problem of the shoulder sitting up too high, leaving the neckline gaping a little, and then shortening the bodice made the culottes ride high in the crotch area, it’s not uncomfortable but let’s just say the seam could be lowered just a tad!! Oh well this is what muslins are for right!!!!Vogue 9075

I found the instructions confusing relating to the pleats, supposedly the pleats are to be tacked down only temporarily, but I just went ahead, sewed them down and kept them this way, I wanted some shape to the hips and not just lots of fabric, and I’m happy that I did. Just liven up the whole navy thing I added a hot pink exposed zip!! ….as you do

vogue 9075     vogue 9075   On the whole this is a very wearable muslim, the outfit hasn’t has an outing yet but it feels smart and fun so I don think it will be lurking in the cupboard too long!! At the beginning of June I signed up for my first sewing blogger challenge, Jumping into June, all about jumpsuits, I think these qualify and seeing as its the 30th of June I am just about squeezing my entry in……check out all the inspiring creations over at Chris‘s blog x

Dress of Meh

Now don’t get me wrong I love this pattern, which is Robe Eve by Republique du chiffon, it’s just I made this for my Christmas dress and I had high hopes, I chose a fabric which I loved in the shop (a paul smith cotton) but now that it is made up it just looks so….. meh….unexciting, dull and boring, so much so that it prompted my New years goal of NO MORE GREY FABRIC!!!!!!!


république du chiffon robe eve



I have lusted after Republique du chiffons patterns for a while and decided to take the leap, now I could have ordered one of the patterns that have english instruction, but nooooo, in a mad moment I ordered two with french instruction… hard can they be I thought….ha little did I know. Of course I had to chose one of the more difficult ones, as it turns out though we live in a great age, with the use of google translate and lovely french sewers who contact you on instagram and point you towards their own (fantastic) versions, with construction details ..…very handy.

république du chiffon robe eve

The fabric is a lovely paul smith cotton, bought once again from my staple fabric shop Fabric Galore, it is my local fabric shop so most of my stash comes from there!! It’s a little heavier than shirting cotton and is really lovely but made into this dress I think it brings back memories of my grey student midwife uniform that I had to wear for 3 years and I think that’s why I have such a distaste for it, I did actually wear it for Chirstmas (cos I’m stubborn and since it was made I had to give it an outing), but lets just day it hasn’t seen the light of day since then!!!!

Paul smith cotton

république du chiffon robe eve

The pattern came together pretty easily, once I submitted to google translate and Upon a thread’s instruction on how to attach the facing was invaluable, as you have to do it with on side of the zip facing in, one side with the facing out, one of those sewing moments when it all seems very complicated and the you actually work it out and it’s aahhhahhhh!! thats how its done. I did make the mistake of not making the notches on the facing or the dress so the bottom curve could probably sit a little straighter as it pooches slightly.

république du chiffon robe eve

I really valued the challenge of this make, its good to push your boundaries…isn’t it?? I do like that aesthetic of the pattern and I will try to make to again, but probably in a print so it doesn’t feel like a uniform!!  I still have the second pattern (Roger trench) to test me further so might be doing that first…fingers crossed.