Dungarees baby!!

turia dungarees

Let me present the Turia dungarees, I had been mulling the decision to make these babies, for oh only about 4 months, but here they are and I am pleased as punch.  I have no idea why I felt that I had to have such an item in my wardrobe but I did and hey the benefits of a handmade wardrobe is that you can go with your wims without it breaking the bank!!

So my concerns were:

  1. I would look pregnant (I’m not!!)
  2. I’m too old for such a item!!!
  3. I might look like I’m borrowed from the dressing up box

But yeh (in my opinion) all my fears were unfounded, because I love the way they turned out.

Turai dungarees

This was the first time I have sewed a pauline Alice pattern and I can really recommend it. The instructions are clear and concise (and in 3 languages) with each stage carefully explained and with lots of drawings to help. I cut a straight 10 but have made a few adjustments. A big part of my inspiration to make this pattern was the dream pair made by fruits flowers and clouds, and I stole some of her adjustments, mainly lowering the waist as I wanted them to sit more towards my hips and adding a waistband (purely for aesthetic reasons!!). The pattern is cut to allow a more relaxed fit on the hips and legs but I wanted a slim fit and so basted the legs first to get fit I wanted. The only issue I had was some excess fabric in the crotch area, which as you can imagine didn’t look so great, so I redid the front flat felled seam (not a pleasurable experience) taking in an extra 1/2″ and that seems to have sorted it. The inside leg seam is also to be flat felled so I sewed the first seam and then  did my fitting, which played havoc with my seam allowances as the material frayed…arrgghh, I still managed to flat fell them but they have since started to come undone in places so a little strategic zigzagging was needed…hopefully their visible only to me!!

turai dungarees

There is a lot of top stitching in this pattern, (you could omit it, but it is recommended) which I perversely kind of enjoy, I think its the challenge of getting those lines straight that gets me.

Turai dungarees

I also omitted the side zips as the fabric is Gaberdine with a little bit of stretch to it so I can just about shimmy into them.

Overall I’m pleased as punch with these, the pattern was a delight and did i mention that I love wearing them…. I  don’t care how old I am (or how old I look!!)

Turia dungarees