Bellatrix baby

papercut patterns belletrix blazer

I lusted after this pattern for ages and then bought it on whim and left it to linger in my pattern stash until finally it made i’s way into the sewing pile, and I’m so glad it did. This is the second time I’ve made a Papercut patterns ( I’ve also made a pneuma tank …as yet unblogged!!) and their sizing and fit works very well for me.

I chose to make the shorter version and I did go to the trouble of making a muslin (cutting a M) and then after trying to make numerous alterations, my wise partner (Mr BB) suggested I just go down a size….uh duh, and of course a S fit just right!!

papercut patterns belletrix blazer

I have the paper version of the pattern and I love the aesthetic that goes into all aspects, even the pattern sleeve. The instructions are straight forward and well explained,  illustrations help so that the jacket came together very simply, overall a really enjoyable make. The fabric is a navy wool blend, bought from The man outside Sainsburys (Walthamstow Market) and the lining is long a go purchase from ebay, a decent match I think.

papercut patterns belletrix blazer

I haven’t actually worn this much since I made it as the weather turned a little cold, but looking forward to breaking it out come the spring…….

papercut patterns belletrix blazer

If you need any more inspiration to make this pattern search ti on integral…there are literally tons of wonderful versions



A little Coco

It was during this post by Sonja about coats, that I first discovered Schnittchen patterns and then fell for the lovely Coco jacket. I’ve been want to make a little crop jacket for awhile and thought that this would be a good start and the fact that it was a pdf sealed the deal (at €5.00 it would be rude not to, right?). I don’t know about you but I love the idea of pdf’s but recently the novelty of sticking all those pieces of paper together is wearing thin. I don’t think I will stop buying them as financially they make sense (most of the time) but guess I just need to alternate them with the joy of opening an old style tissue pattern.

Now this little lady has a lot of pages to piece together, 36 in all!!!, which was a bit of a faff but there is separate pattern pieces for the lining and facings, so kind of makes sense, once your all finished!

coco schnittchen jacket


She came together relatively easy, the instructions are good but some knowledge will help you along as there aren’t any drawing to assist you. The fabric is a lovely dense patterned cotton that I bought at Fabrics Galore (sadly its not for sale on the website, just in shop), I love the fabric pattern but in hindsight it is probably a tad to thick for this jacket, as I had a job to get the seam on the neckline to sit flat, a issue I have whenever I sew with thicker fabrics, so maybe the problem is with me and not the fabric!!

The one difficulty with this fabric was with pattern matching, some thing I usually avoid (as in, not buying fabric that will require any!!) but I took the challenge and think that I didn’t do half bad at matching the sleeves to the bodice….but..

coco schnittchen


…totally failed at matching the back seams…duh

coco schnittchen jacket


Luckily I can’t see it so it doesn’t bother me when I am wearing it (especially as I did that seam 3 times and then gave up). The whole jacket was a pretty quick make and I’m happy with the results, of course the weather turned just as she was finished but think that come spring she will get some wear.