Named Jamie Jeans

named jamie jeans

Woohoooo…..I made me some jeans, it just blows my mind, as this is defiantly a threshold that has been crossed  in my me made wardrobe adventure, I feel I can take on anything now. I am buying clothes less and less (in fact hardly anything) but now that jeans are in my arsenal…there is no stopping me.

named jamie jeans

These are Named Jamie Jeans, a well documented pattern in the sewing world, with lots of lovely versions out there. I cut a size 10 and the only adjustments I made were to increase the side seam allowance when fitting them and next time I will take the hips in a smudge more as they make me look a little curvier than I wanted. I also had to take about 2″ off the length but thats just cos I’m vertically challenged!!

The fabric is a stretch denim from Fabrics Galore, a medium weight which I’ve paired with an orange topstitching thread. I really enjoyed making these and learnt a lot along the way, making trousers of any kind is a little scary, but I found this pattern very straight forward,IMG_7515

I even added a S to each back pocket for some monogrammed flair, and I have to draw attention to the top stitching…….I am very proud of it!!!

named jamie jeans

The only mistake I did make was attaching the belt loops, for some reason I made them, well, too loopy and they stick out, so I really have to redo them but haven’t got round to that yet and they look so funky I chose to cover them up and not show them (I don’t like admitting admitting to mistakes!!!!!)

So now that I am officially on the jean making band wagon I am ready to tackle the lovely Ginger jeans, and seeing as my lovely friend Lady Sewful bought me the pattern for my birthday (yay) it would be rude not too….wish me luck