Another New Look 6145

And we are back to my favourite pattern of the past few months New Look 6145, I think that this is my 4th version, , I love a hard working pattern that can be hacked in all different kind of ways and this is a goodun, I’ve used it to create a top here, a denim version here and a lovely white Linen version for summer (sorry not photographed). Now I’m am not very good at seeing past the (sometimes) rubbish cover photos on (especially Big 4) patterns to the true potential hidden with in, but luckily we now have the wonderful web to direct us to inspiring versions that sewers and bloggers have created.  I know I wouldn’t have given this pattern a second look if I hadn’t stubbled across Trine’s lovely modern versions here and here (already blogged on previous post I know, but good enough for a second view!)

New Look 6145

New Look 6145

The jerry is a lovely organic cotton interlock that I bought from Village Haberdashery, they still have it available here and I would really recommend it, it is beautifully soft, with a nice weight, I also bought some of the green stripe for a t-shirt for my son and can attest that it washes and wears very well.

New Look 6145

New Look 6145

I overlocked the whole dress (except for the darts) so it was a very quick make, I know that the common perception is that shift dresses aren’t for everyone, but this pattern has lovely french darts in the front and two darts in the back which I think make for a great shape and help me out as I think I have a bit of a swayback and so fabric tends to gather there.

I did my usual practice of taking a few inches off the hem and took the back neckline down by 4cm, this used to baffle me as to why I needed to do this but as I am learning more about fit I think it is because I need to make petite adjustments to patterns (I’m only 5’3) and my bust to shoulder length is quite short, I’ve only just figured this out so will be trying to put it into practice soon..fingers crossed.

Does anyone have any recommendations on petite alterations or a good book on fitting?

Thanks x


Dinosaur trousers

theo and agathe pants

theo and agathe pants

These were made up for a dinosaur loving little boy. The pattern is Agathe and Theo pants from Filles à Maman and comes in a size range of 12mths to 14, which is fantastic. This pattern is a very simple make with stylish results, I cut these out and made them up in one evening, and that was with the added dinosaur spikes… an addition that did have me flummoxed for a minute or two (maths is not my strong point).

dinosaur trousers


The main fabric is a soft navy interlock jersey that was given to me my a very kind friend!, I used the same fabric for the waistband and cuffs and then some offcuts of jersey for the contrasting pocket and dino spikes. I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the construction of these but made even measurements on along folded piece of jersey and drew connecting triangles, I think i made them 6cm wide and 6cm high, and then sewed along the triangle lines, like a giant zigzag, once that is done you cut between the triangles and turn inside out..hey presto!!!….does that makes sense?

My son has already asked for a pair so I am planning to make some more  and will post some in process pictures that will hopefully make more sense.





dinosaur trousers


Isle of Wight

So last weekend my BFF and I said goodbye to the kids and partners, packed the car, strapped in the sewing machines and caught the ferry for an indulgent weekend of pure craftiness. There would be sewing, sewing and more sewing, interrupted only for food and sleep. There was Eurovision too which we sewed and cheered through, accompanied by a beer or two!!



It was fantastic and I highly recommend it, my sewing is usually squashed in after bedtime, or on the rare occasion of a little ME time, so to be able to wake up in the morning and just go straight back to the machine was pure bliss, also i didnt have to put anything away or tidy up…extra yay (as usual sewing space is the dining table!!).

Any way thought you might like to see what I made, I actually finished 3 tops for me (haven’t photographed the other 2 yet), a 4th was not a success as I totally misjudged the fabric choice/pattern requirements (not enough drape..when will I learn), which was a little gutting as it was a beautiful summery Liberty print, fingers crossed it can be salvaged.

I also started a bomber jacket that I have been promising my teenage daughter, but didn’t finish it (still haven’t….bad mum), but this was mainly as my new machine (read second hand) started to make a bad bad noise and eating fabric, this might be from over work but i don’t think so, fingers crossed all it need is a nifty service.

I have been wanting to make this raglan top for ages and up until now have not found the courage to cut into the beautiful wool jersey that I bought it last year from Fabrics Galore, it’s Italian, super soft and really really lovely,. The pattern is from Sew u Home Stretch. The neckband is salvaged from an old beloved cardigan that I shrank, as is the little triangle.


I do love it, very comfortable and snuggly, also very warm which is a lesson in procrastination, as of course now the weather is warming up, so not sure when I will get the opportunity to wear it.


I also added a zip in the end of each arm sleeve, just for bit of detail, it was my first time doing this and they came out not brilliant but ok. I used this tutorial , which I thought I had followed to a T, but somehow didn’t, better luck next time.


IMG_5478 IMG_5472


Also just a quick picture of our sewing workstation!!! and one of my lovely friend Sheridan’s sewing machine, she has glued a magnet on the end of the machine so she can just chuck her pins to it as she takes them out…Brilliant (credit to Beverlee for the idea)