Nani Iro…I love you

Nani iro simplicity 1399 top

This is one of those makes which happened because the heavens aligned. Firstly my son was invited to a birthday party about 5 mins walk from the Village Haberdashery (we live about 30-40 mins away so hardly ever go to this part of town) so it was rude not to pop in whilst his nibs was distracted. Especially as I had £10 unused voucher burning a hole in my pocket.

I am one of those weird people (there is lots of us) that really have to touch fabric before I fall in love with it, so I rarely buy fabric online (a shame, but helps to keep my bank balance in check, this will probably change though as there are so many fab online shops popping up!!).

I have had my eye on Nani Iro fabrics for awhile, having heard all the lovely superlatives on blogs,  I wasn’t disappointed,  in really life it’s gorgeous. This is a lovely double gauze that is so beautifully soft!! It’s called Spectacle in Ka , inspired by a scene of natural life in daylight, I love the colours and it is absolutely delicious to wear.

You can see more here or for a massive collection you can go here.

Nani iro simplicity 1399 top

I initially wanted to make a New Look 6145 top as I did here, but horror of horrors didn’t have enough fabric ( I only bought a meter…it was £14 per mtr!!) and it’s only 42″ wide, so with a quick change of plans I made a Simplicity 1366 instead and only just about made it with what I had. In fact I was so short on fabric I had to add a seam in the back and included the selvedge…which I think turned out as a lovely addition

Nani iro simplicity 1399 top

This pattern is very simple, and it’s now my third time making it, other versions here.

Nani iro simplicity 1399 top

I ran it up just in time for my first sewing bloggers meet up (back in late August…… I know, I’m a bit behind) which was absolutely fab… it is totally true that sewists (sewers, seamstress …whatever each of us call ourselves) are the loveliest people, which was good because going to meet people that you have only ever met before online is a very weird feeling. Luckily I went with my good friend Lady Sewful….courage in numbers.

Oh and meet my silly dog…Cedric

Nani iro simplicity 1399 top


A quick duo

During a recent rare ‘just gonna sewing’ day I had a craving for a quick make that would  satisfy and deliver, so reached for the simple and chic Simplicity 1366. I had been tempted by seeing this pattern popping up on sewing blogs, like here, here and here…pretty inspiring no??!! So took the leap.

simplicity 1366

(Arrggh..excuse my hands, which look freakishly huge..they’re not, must be the camera angle right??)

simplicity 1366


There thats better!!

simplicity 1366

This fabric is a £1 ebay purchase that I have been reliably informed is peachskin, something I have not worked with before, but love, its definitely polyester, but feels lovely and has great drape, but can be as slippery as rayon or silk so beware. It was originally destined to be a shirt but I didn’t quite have enough, so a 1366 it is.

The pattern has only 4 pieces so comes together fast and easy, the only issue I had with it was with the bias binding for the neckline, on the navy one I followed the instructions which has you fold the binding length says and attach to the neckline on the right side and then understitich, this leaves the bias binding standing up slightly, which looked rotten on me so I turned it inwards and re stitched again so it became a quasi facing. This may have been a problem that I created, as I had shortened the top part of the bodice as an petite fit experiment to reducing the amount of excess fabric that I usually have either at the shoulder or at the neckline, but I can’t see how.

Turning the binding inwards worked with the navy broad anglais as the fabric is thicker but didn’t work so well with the peachskin, and I’m not completely happy with the finish (it doesn’t lie very flat) so will probably take it out and redo the neckline with  a proper facing, I know a lot of people don’t like facings but I love the finish they give.

simplicity 1366

(Sorry, I realise that this picture is a bit rubbish and out of focus!) you’ll have to trust me that the fabric is a lovely broad anglais that was gifted to me by a lovely friend, and it’s slightly more purply than the photo shows.

The result is two fast makes that are totally wearable (not always a given!) and have already been in rotation.


Spotty spot spot

Another top for selfish sewing week.


The pattern is New Look 6145, (I have made it as a dress which I haven’t blogged about but can be seen here) and love it so much i had to make it again. The shape of the diagonal dart (is that the correct term?) is very flattering and makes for a simple shape and as easy make.  The fabric is a spotty chambray that I bought at John Lewis a while ago, it is super soft and seems to be getting softer with washing, always nice when fabric does this, don’t you agree? I think I always secretly hope all fabric will do this.

The original pattern has a zip in the back and I totally forgot to take out the allowance for this when I cut the back piece on the fold (duh!!) so had to add a faux seam to take out the allowance. The only other alteration I made (apart from lopping of the bottom) was to lower the back neckline by 5cm, as it rode to high on my neck (a common problem).

For more inspiration on this pattern look here and here





A little bit of neon

I keep seeing neon everywhere and though I haven’t worn neon since about 1985, I thought I would take the plunge with just the weeniest bit ……… just to keep up with the kids (as you do).



The grey jersey was from my stash, but the yellow neon I bought at Fabrics Galore, it has a lovely weight to it and they had a great selection of colours so I think I will be back soon to purchase more!

The pattern is from Sew U Home Stretch from Built by Wendy, I first heard of this great book from Tilly here, and I love it, lots of versatile patterns that you can alter and adapt. It also has lots of handy tips and advice on knits.

I’m happy how it turned out, I did alter the neckline and now it is a little wide, so has to be worn with tank top as it tends to slip off the shoulder! Will have to fix that on the next one, and there will be more. It was a super quick make, which was so satisfying. The overlocker also got an outing and now that I am over some of my teething problems I love the finish.



As it is selfish sewing week I had a few tops cut out and ready to sew and magically this coincides with Me Made May which I have signed up for. Last year I chicken out and just watched from the sidelines, so I thought with my new dedication to blog I could also make a pledge to Me Made  May ’14, so here it is.

‘I, Sandesh, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear at least on item of own made clothing, and dress my son in one handmade item(clean clothes permitting) each day for the duration of May 2014’

So fingers crossed for tomorrow and the rest of the month, I am excited about keeping my pledge.