The Coat of Love

Now this coat is not a new make but at the moment I am having technical difficulties with my camera and so haven’t been able to take any pictures of the last makes of 2014 (I know I’m always a few weeks behind!!)

burda coat 03/2012 #110

I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about it until now but seeing Jane‘s post about her coat plans spurred me to re-examine the photos (which i hated when i took them but don’t seem to bad now) and thought I’d let you see one of my favourite projects.

I love love love this coat………

burda coat 03/2012 #110

I have no idea what inspired me to tackle a coat project but I think it was the wool!!! (I found it first and it just insisted that it be a coat) It came from Fabrics Galore and says it is from YSL…don’t ya know!! every now and then they get a load of bolt end Italian designer fabrics, they are wonderful but you have to search them out…well worth a look (unfortunately they aren’t on the website though). The wool I chose is a blue and grey tweed and has little flecks of  blue, yellow and green through lovely, tried to capture it here:

burda coat 03/2012 #110

The pattern is Burda 03/2012 #110 which I already had in my pattern magazine stash, I don’t subscribe but pick it up when I see a good issue (and this is a beaut of an issue!!) The pattern is a straight forward and simple pattern with darts, princess seams, 2 piece sleeves and inseam pockets.
Now because I tend to rush projects I decided that I really wanted to do this thing justice, as I wanted a  well fitting coat that would last. I did a muslin, which was a first for me but so useful, I needed to tweak the shoulders, take in the side seams and do a swayback adjustment, totally forgot to photograph this stage though. Here are a few integral pictures of the next stages

Getting started

Coat Burda 03/2012 #110


Because I wanted to do it ‘properly’ I research interfacings and landed on English couture‘s website (P.S they do amazing courses too, one day I will venture to Leicester to do one), and I was a little dazzled by the selection but after emailing them the very helpful Michelle pointed me towards a coat fusible interfacing for the body, a fine fusible for the sleeves and recommended armhole reinforcement tape for stability and strength, all three were absolutely perfect for the weight of wool I was using, and I’m so glad I took the time to get them, I believe it has made a difference to the end result and made me slow down and think about each stage!!

View of the insides, not pretty but you can see the fusible coat interfacing I used, the sleeve head (I built..!!) and the petersham on the shoulder seam.

Coat Burda 03/2012 #110

I also used a strip of petersham on the shoulder sleeve, I’m not very gentle with my clothes so again wanted durability here, I think I got this tip from Claire Shaeffer’s book Couture sewing techniques, I love this book but find it slightly intimidating, if only I was that technical …one day baby!!!

A closer view of the petersham and the grey you can see at the bottom of the picture is the armhole reinforcement tape I used when attaching the sleeve.

coat Burda


Here is the lining, a lovely lovely Liberty silk twill, which I used for the body and a regular orange polyester lining for the arms.



I hand stitched in the lining as I felt I had a bit more control this way to avoid any mis-shaping and it also looks lovely. For the fastenings I just added giant snaps (bought form ebay), I considered bound buttonholes but I thought the wool was too thick, that and I just chicken out and thought that if I attempted them I might fail or worse….I might have ruined the coat…next time I will be brave…definitely next time!!!

burda coat 03/2012 #110 liberty lining

burda 03/2012 #110

burda coat 03/2012 #110


I have worn this coat a ton and will continue to all winter, it’s warm and (I think) pretty stylish

Hope you like it too and thanks for stopping by x